Aesthetic dentistry

A wide range of dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry, a wide range of dentistry:
It’s not just about the aesthetics, the appearance of the teeth, as the name suggests; but also about beautiful white teeth with healthy gums and the interaction of the upper and lower jaw teeth.

In order to achieve this, we continue to train our dentists in this area, so that they sharpen their view of the individual human being. Because one thing is clear: in today’s world, a person’s appearance and good looks are extremely important; the first look assesses the other person directly: white, healthy teeth signal health, success; well-being and youth.

Our dentists know about the relationship between white & red tooth aesthetics. White means tooth and red means gums. This ratio is particularly important in the upper jaw, as this immediately catches the eye of the “opposite”. Our dentists strive for the correct red-white line, e.g. B. After a tooth loss, in order to do justice to the optimal appearance.

Not only surgery is a part of aesthetic dentistry, but also periodontal dentistry. This takes care of the treatment of the gums, among other things. Our dentists treat the inflammation of the gums by cleaning the teeth plaque and tartar-free in the course of professional tooth cleaning and then cleaning the inflamed gums and the bony periodontium of bacteria.

Another point of aesthetic dentistry in our practice is bleaching, i.e. whitening of the teeth by our trained prophylaxis assistants. The teeth are whitened carefully and slowly in order to achieve the best possible result for the patient.

Aesthetic dentistry does not only include the aspects mentioned above, but also deals with conservative and tooth-preserving dentistry. The aim is to provide the teeth with tooth-colored fillings and tooth-colored dentures. In our practice, we therefore offer, among other things, plastic fillings, veneers, ceramic inlays and zirconium crowns to provide the teeth with tooth-colored teeth and to give the patient a friendly smile.

With all of these aspects of aesthetic dentistry, our dentists and dental technicians must pay particular attention to the interaction between the upper and lower jaw: because no matter how good, beautiful and white dental care is, it is of no use if the occlusion, the harmony between the upper and lower jaw, not true.tooth-colored and to give the patient a friendly smile. Therefore, we pay particular attention to this point, so that our patients have an optimal function between the upper and lower jaw, their jaw joints can function optimally, and the optimal interaction of the masticatory muscles and teeth and the periodontium is given.

Our dentists are happy to take on any challenge and then, together with the patients, look forward to the successful and successful aesthetic treatment.