Prophylaxis for your smile

More than ever, nowadays a “white” smile is a sign of health; it is commonly associated with a positive radiance und professional success. Loosing teeth is no longer a fate anymore. Prophylaxis as an individual and systematic prevention program can help you to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime.

A prophylaxis session is always built around professional tooth cleaning and a hardening treatment of the dental enamel. Additionally, the edge of the gums is cleaned and you will be given valuable suggestions in order to optimize your dental hygiene and nutrition health. It is a pleasure for us to show you how to use a power toothbrush and tongue brush correctly. With your help we tailor our individual prophylaxis as precisely as possible to your given requirements.

The motto is obvious: “A healthy tooth does not get ill!”

To reach the optimal lifetime of teeth and gums measures of dental hygiene are essential. Apart from using a toothbrush and floss on a regular basis, this includes regular check-ups with the dentist. Perfect dental hygiene is just about able to prevent you from getting the most frequent dental diseases such as caries and periodontitis. We would like to help you maintain your teeth lifelong.

Professional tooth cleanin

Professional tooth cleaning has proven to be a particularly effective preventive measurement. The goal is to remove invisible dental plaque that contains tooth and gum damaging bacteria. Professional tooth cleaning is an excellent preventive measurement when it comes to preventing caries and periodontitis. Additionally, it can help to prolong the lifetime of implants and dentures.